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Danny Nguyen, also known as Katazui, is a profound musician, disc jockey, and producer whose life is dedicated to creating music depicting his undescribable thoughts through the power of sound. Nguyen's comprehensive knowledge of music theory and the music industry approaches music with a unique perspective of appreciation. Growing up in Northern Virginia and attending one of the most diverse school districts in America, Nguyen would identify his sound as funky, soulful, classical, and with a pounding reminisce of a strong hip-hop odor creating a complex yet simple sound; feelings difficult to describe yet effortless ...to feel.

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Don't let me starve (:

You may hire me to disc jockey for your personal events or official events!

With every event, it is my job to come prepared with more than enough music catered to the target audience of the event. Not only that, after every event, the audience at the event will be able to look up the music played at the event online at Spotify.

If you have an upcoming recital, dance competition, or need beats that needs special musical attention, you may hire me to create some jingles or mixes!

  • Personal Events
  • $300+
  • For house parties, college parties, kickbacks, beach/pool parties, and birthday parties!
  • Flat Fee
  • Loud Speakers Included
  • Disc Jockey Included
  • Book Now!
  • Official Events
  • $1,000+
  • For official venues only. Such as weddings, promotional events, clubs, debuts, etc...
  • Flat Fee
  • Loud Speakers Included
  • Disc Jockey Included
  • Club Lights Included
  • Professional Curated Playlist Included
  • Book Now!

  • Collaboration, Mixing, Recording
  • $???
  • For collaborations, mixing, recording, beat-making, or anything that requires the multiplication of sound.
  • $100+ per Recording Session
  • $50+ per Mixing or New Beats
  • $0+ per Collaboration
  • Collab Now!

*All prices listed aboved is the base-prices and might change depending on the consumer needs & wants, prices may be change based on the diffcultly of the task, prices & expenses may be changed or applied based on necessities for the event, and prices may change depending on holidays and availability of date and time.

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