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What Customers Say



I’ve thrown a few parties before and wanted to see what having a DJ would be like for New Years. His effect on the party was evident from the start till the end. He knows what songs the people at my party liked and adjusted the songs based on mood. He even helped me clean up some mess! Would definetly recommend and will keep coming back to this guy!Serigo Pozo

5 out of 5


Yo, I’m a college student at JMU at Virginia. I’ve been to plenty of parties this guy throws here [at Harrisonburg] and let me tell you, he gets the party lit. He plays the type of music that makes every one up and dancing on the real. I highly recommend you check him out.Vincent Hoang

5 out of 5

  • Diamond Drip Package

    Official Venue Bookings
  • Hourly
  • Disc Jockey Included
  • Coordinated DJ Lights Included
  • Professional Curated Playlist Included
  • Best for corporate events, promotional events, night clubs, or album releases!
  • Book now!
  • Space Exploration Package

    Business Inquries, Freelance, & Collaborative Work
  • Inquries
  • Music Collaborations
  • Disc Jockey Lessons
  • Streaming Technical Consultant
  • Website Design Consultant
  • Best for business inquires!
  • Let's Work!

Booking a DJ is easy!

You may hire me, Katazui, to disc jockey for your next upcoming special event! With every event, it is my job to come prepared with more than enough music catered to the target audience of the event. If you have an upcoming recital, dance competition, or need music that needs special musical attention, I am the person for the job!

Services listed above are negotiated through electronic mailing, the price of the service is determined on the consumer needs & wants, prices may be affected based on the difficultly of the task, additional cost & expenses may be applied based on the required necessities for the service, and prices may be affected depending on holidays and availability of date and time.

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